The Pool Party token, $PARTY, is what fuels the community ownership of the protocol

Token Allocation

Fair Launch and airdrop

10% PARTY token will be distributed through an airdrop to its early users of the protocol and members of the Pool Party community and partners.

The PARTY token does not have any economical value and we have done no raise using the token. Any initiatives of trading the token will have to be from the community and users and not the Pool Party team itself.

All vested tokens are non transferable and have no voting weight until they are unlocked.

The supply of the Pool Party token PARTY is 2,000,000,000 (2B tokens). Certain allocations come with a vesting period that pays out monthly up to 36 months from the day of the launch.

  • 29% 580M Loyalty program

  • 20% 400M Contributors

  • 18% 360M DAO treasury

  • 10% 200M PARTY airdrop

  • 17% 340M Protocol Partners

  • 5% 100M Marketing

  • 1% 20M Advisors

Loyalty program The allocation to the loyalty program is one of the largest with 29%. This token allocation will fuel loyalty rewards and liquidity mining for pool party users. We intend for every Pool Party pool to have loyalty rewards given for those that stake in Pools. The loyalty program comes with many added benefits within the Pool Party DAO and community.

Contributors - Vesting With the 20% allocated towards the crew of active contributors, we believe that we should both in the short- and the long term align incentives with the people making Pool Party happen by having a stake in the web3 aspect of the product. Contributor allocations are vested for 36 months, and linearly awarded to each contributor on a monthly basis from day 1 of the token launch. With the token launch being a fair launch, we believe it is fair that the contributors get part of their allocations at the same time as the airdrop.

DAO-Community treasury This allocation of 18% is reserved for the DAO AKA the community to be able to govern, when the on-chain governance is ready. Protocol Partners - Vesting The organizations that are helping to fund and integrate this web3 endeavor are getting a token allocation based on their contributions. This comes with several benefits to propel the protocol into the web3 ecosystem with aligning web3 incentives with its early-stage partners looking to add utility for the token. Early-stage partners that are assisting Pool Party are awarded PARTY tokens if this benefits the Pool Party adoption in the ecosystem.

Marketing - Vesting We have a marketing allocation of 5% to align incentives with our marketing partners. When building the protocol with no funding, it is key to be able to pay for- and align incentives with various partners and organizations to reach a larger audience.

Advisors - Vesting Our group of advisors are all senior within the web3 ecosystem. Being able to both get good advice both business wise and technical, while being able to enjoy help with contacts and networking is of great value to a young web3 startup protocol. *All tokenomics are subject to change

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