🏆Start saving and win!

Have fun, while saving your funds!

Simply visit our app and deposit USDC to the USDC pool or SOL to the SOL pool, and after that, you're participating in the weekly win draw.

  1. Deposit USDC in the USDC pool or SOL to the SOL pool to get a chance to win

  2. Every week on Thursdays, 1 winner is chosen at 8pm CEST!

  3. Withdraw your deposit any time - even if you don't win!

Every token (USDC or SOL) you provide to the pool gives you a chance to win. The more you choose to save, the higher your winning odds get!

Where do the prizes come from you might ask?

The weekly win pot is based on the yield that is accrued in Solana DeFi by the pool during the week.

How to make a withdrawal

Visit the Account page in the top menu, and click Withdraw. Please note that if you make a withdrawal within 7 days of depositing you'll get charged a 0.5% fair play fee.

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