Welcome to Pool Party

Save, earn and win - Solanas only community driven Prized Savings Protocol!
Pool Party is a decentralized Prized Savings protocol (or No Loss Lottery) on Solana. It's participants save money in a pool, and by that automatically participate in a lottery that gives the participant a chance to win some juicy prizes in the form of USDC, SOL or BONK, depending on what savings pool the user participates in! Players or “savers” participate by depositing in to the pool, and by that acquiring ''tickets'', and each ticket gives the player a chance to win a prize. Once a week, a winner is picked and this person receives the total DeFi reward accumulated by the pooled tokens. You can't lose! A player never buys a ticket, but simply gets 1 ticket in return for each token provided to the pool. All participants in the pool can withdraw their pooled tokens at any time, everyone involved keeps their money! To fund the winning prizes, Pool Party makes use of the stake and DeFi rewards from the pooled tokens in the world of Solana DeFi. The DeFi protocols that Pool Party plans to use for this are among the most trusted dApps on Solana, such as our partners Solend. We randomly pick the winners using a VRF from our partner Switchboard.xyz.

🔐 Entirely non-custodial!

Pool Party is non-custodial and runs on smart contracts. This means that the users are the only one who have access to their own deposited funds in the savings pools. No one but you has access to your deposited funds and you can withdraw your funds at any time!
Last modified 2mo ago