💞Referral Program

Share the fun to your friends, and increase your chances to win!

On the account page, you can generate a referral link to share with your friends! If your friends who used your referral link win in the weekly draw, 10% of the jackpot goes to you! The referral link can be customized to whatever you want, and you'll do this on the account page where you generate the referral link.

👉 Please note: People have to click the referral link the next time they make a deposit from the same browser, for it to count as you referred them! If they clear the cookies and cache before depositing, or they have already used a referral link, the referral won't be counted. Cookies and cache can be cleared after a deposit, and the deposit will be counted!

There will be a secret reward for the best referrers, share with as many people as you can and you might win the secret prize!

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